Connecting Robots with Humans

Robotics Technology for hospitality

Our robots with Spanish design and manufacture allow us to prepare and serve food and beverages without human contact, take orders from the kitchen or bar to the tables and disinfect the spaces


KIME is a Humanoid bar-tending kiosk. Kime can be trained to prepare and serve food&beverage on customer request with least human assistance


Cart is a mobile tabletop robot. Food Kart can be trained to prepare and serve food&beverages autonomously

Dibo Delivery

Dibo Delivery is a Catering robot, with potential to train and deliver food&beverages from kitchen to the table, with the least human intervention

Dibo Disinfection

Dibo Disinfection is trained to disinfecting autonomously through its spray nozzles with a disinfecting solution


Robots VS COVID-19

Technical service to solve incidents

Constant updates in software and preventive visits

Products and projects adaptable to customer needs


Dark Kitchen

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Connecting Robots with Humans


Macco is a spanish foodtech firm focused on the development and manufacture of products and processes based on robotics and Artificial Intelligence to work with food and beverages.


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